How is the wool wood panels Price? All about wool wood panels

Wool wood panel is a present popularly, widely used material in the market. While its main feature and characteristic is sound absorption, which helps to get a quiet space. Besides, wool wood panels are also chosen because of their aesthetics. Hence, how’s the wool wood panels Price? Let’s join us, Go Viet, in exploring the details as the information below. 


When are wool wood panels chosen?

There are two methods to fix the problem of dealing with unexpected sounds, which are harmful to our life: sound insulation and sound absorption.  Most people are often misunderstanding these two definitions of each other, however, they are completely two different terms. Sound insulation is using mineral wool, but choosing wool wood panels, which have sound absorption characteristics as the most product benefit.

Sound absorption is the most benefit of wool wood panels

Details of wool wood panels

Before getting to know well about wool wood panels price, let’s take an understanding of this product’s structure and composition. 

As the view of the product structure, audiences can take a look with their eyes easily. With the tiny wood lines that linked irregularly. Their surface will be covered by a strong adhesion paint to make diverse styles for the product. 

The diverse styles of the product
The tiny wood fibers are linked irregularly

When arranging the wood lines alternately, and consecutively, would create several empty spaces inside the product. And based on that, the sounds will disappear when they go through the empty spaces. This way is the operational principle of wool wood panels. 

Composition of wool wood panels

It can be realized that the main material of wool wood panels is wood. However, wood in this case is not the kind normal, it is birch wood. This is a wood type that is found and alive in European countries only, with the properties of hydrophobicity, and strong moisture resistance. As such, importing the wood type from abroad is mandatory for production.  

The main material of wool wood panels is birch wood

Inorganic cement will be in charge of connecting wood fibers. As the inorganic cement’s characteristics guarantee no impact on the surrounding environment and human health. This is a product, a material that is used widely in today’s life as well. 

The production process of wool wood panels

There is nothing too hard to understand in the production process of wool wood panels. The most important thing is the ingredients, and materials, that make the final product while production flow requires the highest strike technique. And presently, in Vietnam, Go Viet is a company that is proud to produce and create the best products with the latest techniques and modern machines. Through this article, readers can understand more about the production process that creates products at Go Viet. 

Making wool wood panels Process 
  • First, wood is brought to a wood shaving machine and is made out of fiber form. In this shape, wood would be neither too thin nor too thick, but have to ensure the elasticity, and softness of the material.
  • Next, wood fibers will be combined with inorganic cement that mixes. This process will be compressed under a pressure machine properly. The result is having shape-formed products that are connected. 
  • Following the previous step is painting the product phase. Just selecting colors to cover the surface based on the customer’s needs. Birchwood is a material that has a strong adhesion of paint colors to ensure the conditions of paint or color fading do not happen. 

– After completion of the phases above, then moving to the drying phase with a system of machines and under proper temperature conditions to not lose the natural properties of the final products. Then they will be cut by a machine that has a standard size or follows the customer’s needs. 

The wool wood panels Price at Go Viet

Using elements, and materials that are imported from abroad. Besides, the production process is operated under the best technique and machine conditions. Choosing the wool wood panel of Go Viet is selecting the best product. But how much is the price of wool wood panels Price here?

The wool wood panels Price at Go Viet

As the volatility of the market and the main cause is importing materials needed. Thus, wool wood panels Price in the market is changing and transforming lately. However, Go Viet ensures that the products of Go Viet will own the best proper price in the market. Because the whole production process is operated within the nation by Go Viet, the price as warehouse cost will be accessible for every targeted customer easily. 

Audiences as well as customers, for further details of the product price, let directly contact the hotline to get a proper consultant and quotation for free. 

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